Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do

The retail industry is experiencing some serious pain of late. Huge National, International and localised brands are falling over and leaving a landscape of retail uncertainty behind them. Brands such as Ed Harry, Payless Shoes, Toys ‘R’ Us and Roger David have all experienced hardship and closures. During this period, The Furniture Shack has continued to go from strength to strength. There are a number of reasons behind the scenes for this but one very strong one is our attention to quality. In a retail environment that has been dominated by the “cheapest option” we have decided to swim against the current and deliver the best quality option for the best value. We’ve done this by focusing on materials that have been stringently tested and are suitable for the harsh Australian environment. Just because a supplier says that they haven’t experienced problems in Europe or America doesn’t mean the product will withstand what our brutal weather patterns have to offer!

Our entry level designs come standard with Olefin fabric, powder coated aluminium framework, machine welded joinery, UV inhibitors baked through synthetic rattan, Olefin or Textiliene rope and Government certified renewable timbers. What does this mean? It means that we only want to see our customers again if they are looking to purchase an addition to their already existing suite OR to introduce their friends and family to our vast collection! We don’t enjoy customer complaints either, so it is always our goal to minimise them through offering quality products that last the distance.

Our buying team have a strict criteria that must be met when introducing a new line into our collection.


  1. Does the product meet our minimum quality standards?
  2. Is the product comfortable?
  3. Is the product design trending?
  4. Is it a multi faceted design? (It can’t just be a chair or a table because that doesn’t offer our customers value. It needs to offer multiple options, versatility, configurations, features and benefits)
  5. Does the price represent value?
  6. Would we be proud to offer the item to friends and family?

Once, and only once, these minimum criteria are met the buying team will begin to consider the new design for our collection. It’s this mindset that is ingrained in our culture that sets us apart from the pack and a strong reason why we continue to grow while others don’t. Oh yeah, and we’re super proud of it!


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