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How many times do you walk into a retailer where nobody acknowledges you, speaks to you or even cares that you have taken the time to visit their store? So many that it’s frightening right? We are always looking to improve our customer service standards so there are countless hours spent visiting other retailers from all industries to see how people are setting standards and if we should adopt the same. Nine times out of ten we walk away disappointed feeling as though we were a burden in a place we should have been treated like a VIP.

The Furniture Shack aim to do things differently. We say aim because sometimes we are going to make mistakes or drop the ball but we will always aim to learn from them and improve for next time. Excellent customer service stems from a strong culture and that is something that the team at TFS pride themselves on. We don’t believe that being treated like a VIP should be going above and beyond but should come as standard. To ensure that we reach these heights we have developed an intensive training program that is like a living organism. It continually adapts and evolves as the retail landscape changes around it. What was acceptable in 2010 is no longer acceptable in 2020 so we don’t just accept that this is how it has always been done, we change it instantly and train every team member involved so that they can be confident when delivering our message.

In more recent times, The Furniture Shack have introduced a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. This is extremely important for our customer’s and our team because it proves that we believe in the quality and design of what we offer. Don’t like it? Bring it back, full refund, no questions asked. The item doesn’t fit in the space it was purchased for, bring it back. Your wife/husband/life partner found out you bought a chair without consulting them first so now you are sleeping with the dog, bring it back and keep harmony at home! This is one example of how we go above and beyond for our customers and why we are different.

 The Furniture Shack team are extremely passionate about customer service and always will be. We had to be when we first started our company in a shed in Caboolture in 2002 because we didn’t have a fancy fit out, high tech point of sale systems or even air conditioning! All we had was a quality product and the best customer service we could offer. This is the foundation of TFS and it will never change because it is part of our culture and moral fibre. 


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