The Furniture Shack is quickly becoming one of Australia's Largest Online Outdoor Furniture Retailers with its on trend designs and fast and affordable shipping service. With a network of retail outlets in Queensland and an ever expanding online store The Furniture Shack aims to become Australia's first choice for quality outdoor furniture online. Our concept starts with the "perfect" outdoor piece. If its an outdoor lounge then we want it to be striking. We want that outdoor lounge to be the relaxing piece that you think of when you are having a tough day. We want that outdoor lounge to be beautiful & comfortable - and we want you to use it...all the time.

In a fast pace world where everyone is rushing we want that outdoor lounge to be your "happy" place; your holiday at home.If it's an outdoor dining then we want it to be comfortable. We want that outdoor dining suite to be comfortable enough to host an all night dinner party... We want it to be robust enough to survive that all night dinner party and we want it to be ready to go again for you the next day, the next week and the next year. We want your friends to remember that outdoor dining suite and we want you to create wonderful memories around that dining suite. Here at The Furniture Shack we start with the customer and we work backwards. We have created a range of outdoor furniture just for you.