New AR feature now live!

Today we launch our new AR feature. This is an exciting new concept that we have been working round the clock to deliver and are really proud to get it running live on our site. This is the first of its kind in Australia for outdoor furniture.

With one simple click you will be able to view the item in your space. No app, no signup – just click direct off the website and it launches on your phone.


AR Outdoor Furniture | The Furniture Shack

 How it works –

When you are on a product page, a button will show ‘View in your space – AR 360 live’ – By clicking this button it will bring up a 3d model of the suite and then allow you to ‘view in real life’.

After clicking ‘view in real life’ you will be asked to find the floor, which just means waving your phone at the floor where you want the suite to appear. Once the floor is identified the suite will appear in place on the screen. By dragging the suite you can get the positioning right and can spin the suite around with 2 fingers to place in the layout you desire. This will allow you to check colours, whether it will block a view, whether it will obstruct a walkway (yes, you can walk around the suite and look from different angles – you have to give it a try!). 

Try it now on our Hamptons Dining Chair.

On a PC or an old phone/tablet you will be able to view a 3d model that will still be great to see an in depth model of our most popular suites.

On a PC it will bring up a QR code that you can hold your phone up to and launch right from there (Apple and the most recent Samsung will do this automatically, older phones may need QR software).



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