Whats hot this season? Our insight into Aussie outdoor styling trends for Spring 2023!

The Furniture Shack - Top Trending Outdoor Design Styles

Exploring Top Trending Outdoor Design Styles

Discover a world of outdoor design inspiration with The Furniture Shack's latest blog on the top trending outdoor styles in Australia. From the coastal tranquility of a beachside escape to the rugged charm of rustic retreats, we delve into five captivating outdoor design themes that are capturing the imagination of Australian homeowners.

Whether you're drawn to the modern simplicity of minimalist aesthetics or yearn for the lush tropical paradise of northern regions, our blog is a treasure trove of ideas to transform your outdoor space. And the best part? You can explore these styles and more firsthand at any of our 7 Queensland showrooms or conveniently browse through our extensive collection online at thefurnitureshack.com.au. Get ready to redefine outdoor living and curate a space that speaks to your individual taste and the stunning landscapes that surround us.

Coastal Escape: Embracing the Beach Vibes

Coastal Vibes


Transform your outdoor space into a coastal haven with light, breezy colors, and natural materials. Incorporate weather-resistant wicker furniture and nautical-inspired decor to create a laid-back beach atmosphere...


Rustic Retreat: Back to Nature

Capture the charm of the Australian wilderness with a rustic outdoor design. Utilize wooden furniture and earthy textures, combining raw elements like stone, metal, and distressed wood...

Teak Outdoor Lounge

Modern Minimalism: Sleek Simplicity

Achieve a contemporary outdoor space with a touch of minimalism. Opt for sleek, clean lines in furniture and decor, using neutral color palettes such as grays, blacks, and whites...

Aluminium Outdoor Lounge & Chairs

Tropical Paradise: Vibrant and Lush

Bring the tropical vibes of Australia's northern regions to your own backyard. Choose bold, vibrant colors like deep greens, rich reds, and bright oranges. Integrate lush foliage, palm trees, and exotic flowers...

Artificial Plants Online

Contemporary Elegance: Sophisticated Outdoor Living

Create a sophisticated outdoor space by blending modern aesthetics with luxurious comfort. Opt for high-quality, weather-resistant materials in furniture and accessories from The Furniture Shack.


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