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Outdoor Furniture Slae | The Furniture Shack 

Sun-kissed afternoons, gentle breezes, and the allure of vibrant summer nights! That's what our Summer '23-'24 Collection embodies, a treasure trove of aesthetic delight and rugged resilience.

Paros: The Star of the Show

Outdoor Dining Suite | The Furniture Shack

Ah, the Paros collection! A heartthrob among designers and real estate stylists. Its brilliant burst of colour paired with an impeccable build makes it the perfect compliment to any of our outdoor dining tables.

Peek into realestate.com.au, and you’ll spot the Paros gracing many of of the luxury properties with its charm. 

The on-trend, body moulded design is lightweight, stackable & UV treated to survive the outdoors.

Bring your outdoor space to life with the Paros Collection - Dining Chairs and Bar Stools available in Mint, Sage, White, Black and Taupe.

Shop the Paros Collection Now!

Enter the Evolution of Our Rope Collection


From the beaches of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts to the inner city rooftops in a sweltering Brisbane Summer, we've thrust our Olefin Rope into Nature's toughest arenas.

Rope Outdoor Arm Cahir

And every time, it's come out victorious, flaunting its enduring charm! It has exceptional resistance to fading, is moisture resistant (preventing mould and mildew growth) and its inherent strength and durability ensure a long life outdoors.

The colors, oh the colors! They’re not just any hues but trendsetting shades that laugh in the face of relentless weather.

Dive into the rich embrace of the Sedona, colored in a lavish chocolate, or let the Santa Monica lounge lure you into its deep green bonsai shade for those mid-day siestas.

Fancy the Antigua lounge and dining in an earthy taupe or be captivated by the Montego’s mysterious Midnight Fleck. And the foundation? Solid premium powder-coated Aluminum frames cushioned with Olefin, promising longevity even when Mother Nature throws her worst. 

Outdoor Teak - Nature at its finest

Our outdoor teak collection continues to surge in popularity, with the breathtaking Daintree and Riviera suites. Picture this: the plushness of your living room, but beneath the vast expanse of the sky.

We've worshiped the sun while testing various timbers under Queensland's fiery gaze. The verdict? Only premium teak stands tall, unyielding to the elements. While we see Acacia and Eucalyptus as beautiful timbers, we've seen them falter outdoors. 

At The Furniture Shack, we delve deep, ensuring every penny you spend is worth the elegance and durability you receive. We love seeing you, but we'd rather not see you replacing outdoor furniture year after year!

Outdoor Teak Lounge

Outdoor Furniture Made for Families

At the forefront of our design decisions, is the goal of creating outdoor spaces that will encourage family and friends to gather in comfort & connect. We want designs that will help our customers use and enjoy their outdoor areas - not just for this Summer, but for many years to come. Our Outdoor Aluminium range is the best you will find. With White and Gunmetal options and the ability to choose the items that suit your space - the search for the perfect summer entertaining suite has to start at The Furniture Shack.

Shop the San Sebastian Outdoor 3 Seater, 2 Seater, Armchair, Coffee and Side Table in Arctic White Alumnium with Platinum Olefin Cushions Was $3195 NOW $2556

San Sebastian Outdoor Lounge


We are crushing hard on our white San Sebastian suite for a modern, contemporary outdoor lounge that oozes comfort. Paired with the Caribbean x Maldives outdoor dining and you can bet this Summer you will be spending most weekends outdoors!

Shop the 'Caribbean' White Extension with 8 x 'Maldives' Dining Chairs Dining Table Was $3681 NOW $2944.80

White Aluminium Outdoor Dining

Accessories Galore: Rugs and Beanbags

Envision an array of outdoor rugs, each more mesmerizing than the last, in a palette that caters to every whim and fancy. Whether you're an in-store enthusiast or an online shopper, we're ready for you. Oh, and did we mention beanbags? Having curated outdoor pieces for over 22 years, we’ve woven our expertise into ensuring these beanbags are more than just a seat—they're a statement!

Outdoor Beanbag

Let the Summer Serenade Begin!

As the sun grows warmer, beckoning us outside, let us at The Furniture Shack be your partners in crafting an exquisite outdoor haven. Whether you're close to one of our seven Queensland locations or prefer to shop online, we're poised to serve. Dive in, for our Summer Collection of '23-'24 awaits, brimming with style, comfort, and quality. Cheers to memorable summers ahead!
Browse our Summer Pre-Release Interactive PDF here!

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