Arius Teak 200 x 100 cm Dining Table - END OF LINE

A huge point of difference at The Furniture Shack is our Eco Alfresco Collection. This category sets us apart from the competition in leaps and bounds and I’m proud to announce that we have just added a number of Teak dining table options that will complement a huge array of chairs already available at the Shack!

In addition to our existing Teak Cross Dining Table the Arius, Henley and Ambassador Tables are also sourced from discarded fishing boats and buildings. The recycled teak is then given new life by master craftsmen who create a statement piece that tells a unique story through the inherent cracks, lines and patches featured in each and every table top. No two pieces will ever be the same but each piece will tell you a beautiful story of a journey throughout life.

At a time when we live in such a disposable society, it’s nice to know that irreplaceable pieces with character and stories are still on trend. When purchasing from our Teak Collection you are investing in quality that will be in your family for generations to come.


Size: 200x100cm