Summer Pre Launch 2018.19

When designing our Summer Collection for 2018.19 we searched far and wide for inspiration. We opened our minds to new concepts and listened to feedback on our past products and future options. In the end it was things on our doorstep that guided our decisions. We looked closely at new home designs and renovation styles happening right here in Brisbane. We looked at what was available on the market and what we wanted to offer our customers and we worked hard to understand exactly what our customers priorities were when shopping for outdoor furniture.

We came up with a top 3 and from there our collection was built.

 Function Outdoor Furniture > We are always looking for ways to maximise the outdoor space and this year has seen a number of developments. We have continued to build on the extension table range – which allows full use of an outdoor space when not entertaining. We have built on the wine/dine idea with a great range of suites that can be used to lounge, but double as a dining. The Swansea Corner is a great example of this multi purpose use. The addition of the recliner range is a gamechanger in outdoor comfort and something that has been received really well instore since launch. Our Catalina and Newport are waiting for you instore to kick back and relax!

 Another top innovation is the inclining function built underneath on a few of our new season lounges. The Havana Sunlounger and Venetian suites take multi function to the next level, with the ability to change layout and use dependant on the event.


Quality Outdoor Furniture > We will never negotiate quality. We constantly debate price point and  are always looking for get the best value for our customers – but we will never do this at the expense of quality. We had a few suppliers bring forward a range of full plastic chairs – which we could bring to the market at under the $100 mark. We made a decision to walk away from this product as we know it is going to be something that will look good on delivery and quickly deteriorate from there. We are not in the business of selling cheap quality at low cost knowing we are going to have an unhappy customer 3 months after purchase. We design, we test and we make sure our products will stand up to the rigours of the QLD sun and the modern life. If they don’t, we simply will not stock them.


Our Capri Suite is an outstanding outdoor suite that epitomises our commitment to quality. We have utilised the latest technologies in outdoor material with cutting edge design. The finished product is something we are very proud to bring to market. Our Morocco Dining Suite with Grey inset is another stunning addition to the collection. We invite you to test our quality – sit in the chair, check each edge and underneath. Extend the table and see how we have ensured each item in the build is worthy of putting our name to. In 5 years time when you are still enjoying our products you will realise the benefits of choosing quality. 


Comfortable Outdoor Furniture > Our Summer 2018.19 range is our most comfortable yet, with a comfort tick of approval on every lounge and dining. We know how important the ‘sit test’ is! Unlike pure online stores we have customers in our stores giving live reactions to our suites. We can’t get it wrong when it comes to comfort. As we speak, Shaun is on a plane bound for China and with design planning already complete – he is ultimately heading over to give a number of proposed items the final sit test. As ridiculous as this seems it is the only way we can truly avoid bringing in a new range that looks great but doesn’t feel great. If we cant tick all the boxes than we change it. If we cant get it right then we scrap the concept. Sometimes this can be a painful experience but we simply must get it right if we are going to WOW our customers!



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