Our Summer Collection in words... the earth is our inspiration and a colour pallete that will never go out of vogue!

Our Summer Collection in words... the earth is our inspiration and a colour pallete that will never go out of vogue!

The beauty of natural products in a perfect fusion with hard wearing outdoor materials is the essence of our Summer Revolution. Creating perfect solutions for your entertaining spaces as we continue to blur the lines between indoor & out.

When developing our range for Summer 2016/17 we dreamt up a suite that would reconnect our outdoor space with nature. We have always tried to use the environment as inspiration for designing our perfect suite, but this season we wanted to go further. We see the outdoor room as the space that sets the tone for the house. Not just the use of the space but also the visual feel.


We know that after a long, hard days work - the alfresco or outdoor space is where we want to be. To disconnect from the world and switch off. So brief 1 is to make sure our range helps us reconnect with the thing that makes us feel the most relaxed - the beauty of nature. With this inspiration in mind we have sourced the most realistic synthetic materials available. Our Caribbean suite uses a full core rattan that even on touch would fool most into thinking it is a natural cane pole. Our Elements suite is a modern take on a twisted abaca, a finish that is truly eye catching. Finally, the Sienna Suite, with its 'south pacific coco' synthetic rattan is a synthetic product that we couldn't have even dreamed up a mere 12 months ago.





With the frames sorted, and the visual appeal coming together - it was time to get serious about comfort. Yes the aesthetics of an outdoor space are important, but to truly disconnect from this modern world, we need the suites to offer hours of comfort. Working closely with an Australian QC, we fine tuned a Supa Comfort Base Foam for each of these suites, and ensured the overlay that we tested was that which each suite would be wrapped in. We got the thickness right and the density spot on. We worked long and hard on getting the back cushions right as we want the suites to be supportive enough, but offer a pillow like first impact. 


The aesthetics of the suite were coming together and the comfort was on point - our final challenge was to ensure the suites maintained our company ethos of low maintenance. The powder coated aluminium frames and Viro Rattan are hard wearing enough to withstand the elements and only need a hose to come back to showroom finish. With the fabric we went with Sunproof All weather fabric which is mildew resistant, quick drying, and water repellant fabric.

On the Sienna suite, a stone wash fabric sets off the south pacific coco rattan to create a stunning contrast. The Elements with the natural brown abaca - needed a darker cushion and midnight black was the perfect solution. For something like the Savana in the Grey tones we want a cushion colour that blends, whereas something like the Elements called more for a contrast. Again we look to nature for colour choices - the earth is our inspiration and a colour pallete that will never go out of vogue!

We invite you to pop instore to experience the true beauty of our summer collection. With our new Windsor location we now have 7 SE QLD locations for your shopping convenience


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