Ashleigh from Jindalee thinks the new Eucalyptus range has it all!

December 03, 2014

Ask Ashleigh from The Furniture Shack Jindalee which range she is loving at the moment and she will tell you all about her fav range - the Eucalyptus!

'It’s versatile and can be used inside or out. This all new range of Eucalyptus furniture can be used to create a feature inside your home, or add a touch of class and elegance outside.' Ashleigh said when showing us the all new range. 'With 2 colour options for the whole range, you can choose from Oriental blue or Rustic Teak which both give your piece character and the ability to blend to a multitude of spaces'

Whether you are looking to use your space to lounge or dine, the new Eucalyptus range has something for everyone with Lounge Chairs, Daybeds, Bench Dinings and Bench seating!

My top priority in my outdoor space is comfort Ashleigh tells us. 'The Summerville Adirondack chairs give you support under the legs while curving to your back. The Alliance Daybed is luxurious and offers space with a deep seat (perfect to grab a book and chill out or have an afternoon nap)!'

The Loft dining is a great concept within the range as it offers amazing amounts of space for a growing family or continuous guests (especially over the holiday season!!). Its amazing how many people can comfortably sit on a bench seat.

Being a natural product it has the ability to stand out whilst working well in any space. It also makes it very easy to care for, with extremely low maintenance, and the ability to easily hose down a mess! The style and comfort ooze off this range and for something so well hand crafted it is surprisingly affordable.

To shop the new Eucalyptus range click here and next time you are out Jindalee way pop in and day hi to Ashleigh and the rest of the Jindalee Shackers!


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