Why buy the Savana?

November 28, 2014

The creation of our Savana 100% Outdoor Lounge is a culmination of over a decade of product research, development and customer feedback. This suite is The Furniture Shack’s ‘Mona Lisa’ and is the pinnacle of our Signature Collection.

Let’s take a close look at why the Savana is the best outdoor lounge in the market place. The Australian environment is one of the harshest climates in the world. We endure one of the highest UV ratings and our summer conditions are brutal. To offset these climatic issues we have invested in synthetic rattan with an infused UV inhibitor that is applied during the manufacturing process by a world renowned company called Viro. Basically, we can guarantee that the material will outlast all other synthetic rattan material available in the market place and comes with a 3 year guarantee.


Extra wide arms, extended back height and finished brushed metal footings. No stone has been left unturned during the development of this design. The framework is 100% aluminium that is powder coated to increase strength and durability. During the framing process all joins are hand welded and stress tested to ensure that any flex movements won’t affect frame stability. This is why we can confidently offer a 5 year structural guarantee.


To complete the setting we use only the best outdoor fabric available, 100% solution dyed Olefin supplied by Sunproof. This means that our fabric is resistant to UV damage and fading and applies ultraviolet blocking agents which protect the polymer backbone of the fabric from the effects of UV radiation. Sunproof is proven to have a strong ability to withstand the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight, wind, rain and humidity and comes with a 2 year guarantee. Couple this with the high density foam core with Dacron overlay and you have the most comfortable lounge on the market!


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